Month: April 2008

Difference Clothing Pirces from Italy to BM

One thing that I want to describe It’s the large difference there’s from Italy to Bermuda regarding clothes Prices.

Yep It’ true. In Italy you can buy a new Shirt on Benetton for less than 20 USD, but I see that in Bermuda there is a Benetton shop that sell the same shirt at 200 USD!! Incredible.

Also for Jeans, for example, a Benetton or Levis jeans, you can buy in Italy in many discount sale for less than 50 USD, but in Bermuda I have found some Levis’s Jeans at 150 USD. So there are a lot of differences from Italy to Bermuda regarding clothes prices.

Unfortunately, regarding snickers, I have bought my Nike one, at 100 USD in Italy, but I have found the same model in Bermuda for less than 70 USD, so in my opinion, snickers are more cheap in Bermuda, maybe because BM is very near USA where nike It’s a cheap brand, I think.

The last very different behavior is that in Italy, shop sometime give you the invoice … this is a bad trend, but in Bermuda you MUST carry with you all the invoices of your stuff, so for an Italian man, this is a big issue, because here we don’t use to take invoices of our purchases.

Bermuda Hamilton Map.

During my research to find some usefull Maps for Hamilton City in Bermuda Island, I have found this very well!!

If you need a more details, you can go the official web site of YellowPages and view the complete map of Hamilton with all the current activities highlighted with an icon and also a good legend.

In the next post I will show you some usefull markets present in Hamilton. After my arrival there, I will show different prices from one to another. So stay tuned!

The James Partnership, fantastic Employer.

As I promise to you, my reader, today I will explain my experience in find a job, or better, I will tell you what opportunity this fantastic Job Agency can give to you.
For some essential NDA, I will not talk about salary, companies and contracts, It’s not my business!I

Some months ago …
I have found an interesting job agency, the name is The James Partnership.
They are in charge to find you a Job in the Bermuda Island, exclusively Business and Financial jobs, but also something in the Information Technology.
Normally they search some interesting profiles like:

  • Accounting
  • Insurance and Reinsurance
  • Bankings
  • Telecommunications
  • Information Techonology
  • Legal
  • Fund Management

… and more.

What do you have to do?

Very simple, subscribe to their site, put your resume updated, online, and if you are the correct profile, they will contact you very soon!!

A special thanks

I have to say a special tanks to Marie, a fantastic girl who keep me during this difficult process to find, discuss and obtain a job in Bermuda. She is very professional, skilled, and also very kind. I have stressed so much Marie for a lot of reasons (Question about relocation, salary, contract and more …) but she was always kind and precise with me. Very good!


My Gifts from my Former Collegues.

Today in Switzerland is my last workly day.
I have made a little party this morning and I have received two fantastic gadgets from my former collegues.
The first one, It’s a fantastic Camera, the Casio Exlim S10, bottom here you can find a shot of:
Casio Exlim
The second one It’s a classic Swizerland gift, the myth of Victorinox, a useful small knife.
So now, I have two new things to pay duties on the Customs!!

Worry about Customs? They can help you!

In the last post I have explained you some tips about Customs procedures when you arrive in Bermuda.
I hope that this can help some of you. I have to say that Bermuda Customs has a very efficient e-mail service where you can ask everything you need.
I have sent maybe around 10 emails last days and they have responded to all, with kind answer!

So now I want to give a list, (they give me by e-mail) of some good things that you don’t have to pay duties for.

Non Duitable things

• Cigars 50
• Cigarettes 200
• Tobacco 0.5 kg
• Wine/Champagne 1 litre
• Spirits 1 litre
• All other goods $100.00 BMD


And also there are other …

– prescription drugs
– condoms
– adult incontinence aides
– artificial teeth
– hearing aids, artificial limbs
– pacemakers
– wheel chairs, walkers for the disabled
– crutches, splints
– surgical belts
– reading books, magazines
– computer software/games
– ceramic/porcelain/china tableware and kitchenware
– packaged seeds for sowing

Regarding Clothes I have to make some precisation. In first you have to know that you don’t pay duties only for your used clothes so if you buy something new before arrive in Bermuda, you have to pay for it!!
Be quit, and always keep with you an invoice (if you have one) of the actual price of your duitable stuff, so you will not have problems with the Customs.

Hope this can help you to spent a good time in the Customs.

Some Tips about Customs.

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Bermuda Island is one of the most famous Island where there are low taxes. Yeah but this is not the reality when you came in Bermuda for Job.
There are some different situation when you MUST or you MUST NOT pay for your things.
So let’s start to explain the differences.

As a Visitor.

If you come in Bermuda as a simple Visitor, maybe for holiday or only for a Business week, you can carry with you what you need and also, what you want. You don’t have to pay for duties ..

As a Resident.

If you are resident in Bermuda Island, you know the Taxes Login better than I know, but I understand that normally, you have only 100$ of free duties, for the rest you have to pay!!

As a non Resident with Work Permit.

This is the most taxed category! If you are in program to spent some time in Bermuda with a work permit, yeah you have to pay for every thing you carry with you. The only one that are free of charge are:
Software, Book, Used Clothing. I have still to understand what they mean with Used Clothing but I hope to solve this problem soon!

How much are payable duties?

Normally for everything you carry with you in Bermuda the duties is around 25% of the Declared value. So if you have with you a Bag with new clothing and his value is around 2000$ you have to pay around 500$ of duties!! Very expensive.


If you need a more detailed explanation of How duties are evaluated in Customs, please feel free to visit the Bermuda Customs WebSite, where you can find what you are searching for.
Or better contact they directly, you will receive the correct answer for your question.

Waiting Perdiod, the most worst!

In this period, in principal the last week, I’m finishing my last job in Switzerland and I’m still waiting for my Temp Permit in Bermuda.
Yeah guys beleive me, this is the most worst period you can live!!
You still don’t know when you will relocate, but you cannot do anything.
You still don’t know the final date, but you are concious that your current job is finished, so you are unemployed!

Oh Man I really don’t like wait …
But It seems to be normal in BM. So I have to get used.

Work permits typologies in Bermuda.

During this days I see a lot of People asking in the forums, “What kind of work permits Bermuda government release?”, so I have decided to help you and give you a little brief regarding actual Bermuda’s work permits.


Part-Time Permit :

A Part-time permit, allows a person (who is still resident in Bermuda!!I) to work no more than 9 hours a week, also if the person is  a tutor or something like that.

The application is around 293.00 $ (BSD).

Temporary Permit :

This kind of permit allow a person to be employed for a specific job, for no more than 3 months. In this case the person is considered like a visitor for Bermuda Government and there is no need to provide immigration questionnaire, x-ray chest and so on …

In this case that person can renew the work permit (by a request from the employer) only one time, for a maximum of total 6 months.

The application is around 293.00 $ (BSD).

Long Term Permit : (one year)

There are a lot of Long Term permits released by Bermuda Government, the first one is the classic one year work permit. If the person has to work for a period less than 18 months this is the right work permit.

The application is 587.00 $.

Long Term Permit : (more than one year …)

Ok I don’t want to explain all the kind of Long Term Work Permit. You have to know that there are a lot of, every one is distinguished by the period time of lease.
So check the table under there:

Period Min Period Max Period Application
1 Year 0 Months 18 Months 587.00 $
2 Years 18 Months 30 Months 1.174.00 $
3 Years 30 Months 42 Months 1.761.00 $
4 Years 42 Months 54 Months 2.348.00 $
5 Years 54 Months 66 Months 2.935.00 $


There are also other important notice and rules to know if you want to work in Bermuda Island. For example, you cannot request a work permit, only the employer can; also you cannot change your employer, It’s not easy!

You can also find useful information directly visiting the Bermuda Immigration web site, at this URL:

Not only E-Moo

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Yeah off course, this is the truth! Many of you can think that only in you can find personal announcement regarding House rent, Car sell, and more. This is not real because there is another interesting web site in Bermuda community where you can find useful announcements, the web site is: Just today they have publicized their web portal in the Royal Gazette web site. So …

Try to enjoy it, maybe you can find what are you searching for!