SSIS workflow is really amazing when you have to add some automatism in your data flow processes. But sometimes is better to make same checks before start with a really dangerous BULK operation.

One of the most noise stuff I have to do is to launch insert of new records when I receive updates from web (web services, XML data). But when I do this I’m always afraid about duplicated rows.

Ho to check if a row exist, in SSIS?

SSIS Package contains a component called lookup. Very intuitive name. So if you need to insert only some new rows in a table you can build a workflow like this:


So we have three components:

  1. A OLEDB Datasource that reads data from the source table
  2. A LookUp component that check every row, if exists in the destination table. If doesn’t it redirects the rows in the error event.
  3. A Destination SQL that receive only the new rows, the rows that are in error in the lookup component.

Easy and automatic.