Month: July 2008

My Kite-Surf equipment.

Last week I have completed my first group of lessons at the Iko course. The level are tree: Discovery, Intermediate, Independent.

When you take the first lessons about the Discovery level, you don’t need a kite because your teacher will give you everything. But when you start the intermediate level, you start with kiting; and in my opinion, because every kite is completely different, i have decided to buy my personal kite, board, and various instruments.

My 5th line kite.

This is a new entry in kite-boarding, actually you can find only kites with 4 lines, but I have bought a brand new North kite 5 lines, the Rebel 08.


If you want to know all the differences from a classic 4 lines kite and my brand new Rebel 08 5th line, you can watch this interesting video:

The bar is awesome:

image As you can see it’s a 5 line bar with a lot of future like Iron-Heart, a chicken-loop more resistant and easy to use. Read here all the instructions.

My safety equipment.

I didn’t buy only the kite with the bar, but also
the harnesses:

image image

This is very important, because here you attach your kite!!!

Then I take also a impact vest, very useful if you have to swim a lot and also if you have to fall down from a bug height …


Finally, the helmet:


The board

The board actually is a second hand given by an Italian friend of mine relocated in London.


Hurricane Bertha and Bermuda, my first experience.

As may People of you know, hurricane Bertha is coming really close to the east cost of Bermuda Island.

Today I have been to Sandy’s beach to play kite-surf, because with the hurricane that is coming, the wind is perfect dangerous to play this crazy sport.

In first I want to give you some information about Bertha. Bertha actually is a small Hurricane quoted 1, so the smallest in that category. Actually is really close to Bermuda and we can feel it by the wind that today is increased too much. Actually here the wind is around 30 knots, and tomorrow can grow a little bit.

In these link Hurricane National Center you can stay updated with all the information you need for every hurricane present in the world. The web site is updated every quarter and you can also subscribe to an RSS feed.

Another thing I want to let you know is about Bermuda and Hurricanes. Usually in the other Countries like United States, the Government activates every time a procedure of evacuation when an hurricane is coming. But you cannot do this in Bermuda. So you can stay really quite here, because the houses are built in case of an hurricane 5, and also all the Public services and Companies give you all the information and all the instruments to be safe.

Actually I cannot tell you more about it, but I will send another post in the next days to keep you updated.

For the moment I can only say to you that tomorrow I will go to play another time kite-surf, and enjoy the strong wind, otherwise I will come back in Italy with a direct free flight with my kite, using the power of Bertha. Smile

A local Bermuda Painter

During one of my tour around the City of Hamilton, Me and my wife we have found a really small and strange alley. Inside you can find any sort of strange shop.

I was really suggested about the paint made by a local painter here in Hamilton. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name but I can show you some of them, because I was able to stole some shots with my camera.

Take a look.




Really nice, is some sort of Naïf painting but with a Bermudan touch.

I love it, maybe I will buy one and I will hang in my Office.

Some nice shots brand new.

Hi guys and all readers of my blog. I’m really with everyone of you but unfortunately in these days I was very busy and I didn’t get one minute to update my weblog.

I have receive a lot of requests about new shots from Bermuda so in this short post I will send you some updates.

Hope you will enjoy!!

Some shots from Hamilton City

CIMG0114 Front street

CIMG0120 The Parliament

 CIMG0118 One of the Churches

Some shots from my House

CIMG0095 From the patio

CIMG0124 My new Girlfriend !!

I hope you will enjoy, stay tuned I have a lot of more shots to show you!!