Month: May 2009

NET RIA Service, #Part1 install.

In these series of posts I want to show how easy is to work with Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 3 beta and the NET RIA Service.

Prerequisites and tutorials.

First of all we need to know what is NET RIA Service and how they can help us to write better business RIA applications.

NOTE: Unfortunately NET RIA will NOT work with the beta1 preview of Visual Studio 2010 so I recommend to use them into VS 2008 SP1.

Brad Adams and NET RIA Service overview has a very interesting post about the architecture of NET RIA Service.

Then, you must also watch the web cast at the MIX 2009. This will give a real touch of this technology that I am loving!

After all, you need now to work with the NET RIA service. I am going to write a series of posts about that, but you can also follow the tutorials over the web.

In order to develop with Silverlight 3 beta you need:

If you plan to work with Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010, you can have a look also at my post on How to RDP into a Windows 7 virtual machine.

After that you will be able to follow my tutorials.

VMWare Workstation, bridge network and Windows 7.

VMWare workstation is a very good product for basic virtualizations, like having a personal netowork, implement a testing environment, test new products and/or operating systems.

You can download an evaluation version of VMWare Workstation 6.5, available also to support Windows 7 and x64 guest operating system.

Windows 7 and NET Framework 4.0

What I love about Microsoft products is the beta experience, that they offer always for free. At this link you can download an available virtual setup of Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010 and NET Framework 4.

After that, in VMWare WRK you can simply import your Virtual PC machine and convert it into a VM disk.
If you prefer, you can download the ISO file of the Windows 7 and VS2010 64-bit in order to have a better experience into VMWare.

Bridge Networking

If you plan to add you Virtual Machine into your Host network, the only way is to use the Bridge Networking.

Bridged networking means a virtual machine runs on a virtual network that is “connected” to an existing physical network. This permits a virtual machine to appear as a full-fledged host on an existing physical network.

First of all you need to open VMWare, and from the menu Edit, open the Virtual Network Editor.


Here you can go to Host Virtual Network Mapping and choose the host adapter that will became our bridged adapter. Let’s say that we are using a wireless adapter with a subnet of 10.10.10.x, in this way our virtual machines will have the same subnet and will be available over the network.

After that, go into your Virtual Machine setup and change the network to Bridged.


Start the guest and change IP

Now we need to tell the guest system which IP it will need to have.
For Windows 7, open Network panel and choose Network and Sharing Center and then Change network adapter …

Open the TCP/IP and assign the IP you need, in order to make the machine visible to your network.

Share the Internet

Now, in order to give internet access also to our testing environment, let’s go back to the Host network adapter (in my case the Vista Wireless adapter).

Choose properties and sharing:


Now you can test this, by simply open the browser in the GUEST computer and type a web address.

Final step, RDP into the GUEST system

Now what we want to do is to work into the Guest, so we need to open an RDP connection and type the Guest IP address.


Do you want to use Aero from the HOST? Go into the properties of you remote connection and choose


LinQ to SQL, help to write better code.

In this days I am working hard with LINQ to SQL, that in my opinion is still better then the EF beta 4, for just a couple of fundamental reasons:

  1. Better support to the pattern Active Record.
    Instead of Entity Framework LINQ allows me to draw any kind of relationship from one entity to another one. I can specify which primary key (entity key) i want to use and the designer doesn’t force me to VALIDATE my domain to perfectly reflect the database.
  2. Better support to LINQ sintax.
    I show you 1 very simple example. SELECT WHERE IN xxx.
    This can be simply accomplished with LINQ to SQL with the syntax array.contains(x.entity_field) and works perfectly. With EF this is still impossible.
  3. Finally better support over the web.
    It is still very hard to find good example on how to write nice queries with EF.
    With LINQ to SQL you can download this awesome software: LINQPad.

A short screenshot:


So, I will still work with LINQ to SQL for the moment. Of course I am not using anymore NHibernate now!!

Hosting a 64 bit Operating system.

After all the rumors came up with Windows 7 RC and the new born Visual Studio 2010 and NET Framework 4.0 is necessary to download and test everything.

Unfortunately until today I was using Virtual PC 2007 x64 bit on a hosting Windows Ultimate x64. As you cannot imagine, this is not a 64-bit application. Yes Virtual PC 2007 has just the setup and the drivers for the 64 bit operating system but you cannot install a 64 host, also because it runs like a 32 bit application.

At the VMWare website I have found a 30 days evaluation of VMWare Desktop (the version 6.5. I am going to evaluate this product just because is the only one that allows me to run on a 64-bit system a 64-bit host (Windows 7 x64 with VS 2010 and NET 4).

The cost is not so high. If you are planning to have the full version, the price is 189 USD that in my opinion is not a huge price for what you have back.

You should consider it!

I know I should use for testing purpose my MSDN subscription and Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V but because I use a laptop with a remote Disk for the virtualization, a desktop solution, at the moment, is the best for me.

Let’s see if VMWare can acquire a new customer!

Silverlight UserGroup Starter Kit

I have an exiting news today.

A couple of days ago, one of my friends David Silverlight asked me about a new project called Silverlight UserGroup Web Starter Kit. At the beginning I was afraid about the free time that I do not have but then I tough “this should be a good way to learn RIA services and EF in depth” …

So here we go. This is the codeplex address: and the project seems to be really cool, especially for the people that are going to work with me.

Oh boy, finally I can be part of a challenging project using Entity Framework, RIA services and C#.

Stay tuned!

Off again, health problems.

Hi everybody, as you can see I am off again.

Unfortunately this time was not for my fault, directly.

I had a surgery last week here in Bermuda web site and now I have to stay on the bed for a while, so no PC and no nothing.

I can just spend my time for studying for the new certifications I am going to prepare.

I will be back soon and I will post a lot of SQL08 and Biztalk news, just wait and stay tuned!