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Big changes on my blog.

Hi everybody, I am writing this post to let you know that I am still alive and there are big changes coming in blog, soon. With soon I mean, probably, a couple of weeks.

The new version of Subtext, my blog engine, may be out soon and it will include many futures. The best one will be a search index engine, it should be Lucene.NET. In the meantime I am going to update my blog to the current available version, 2.1.2.

The second news is that my personal blog skin it’s pretty close to be ready. I worked hard on it and I can’t say anything yet but it will have an extensive use of the new JQuery application framework plus a nice search capability. More than that it will allow me to display better my posts and my tutorials. More space for the code and more space for the comments. I will also introduce a stronger captcha comment validation due to the huge amount of spam that I am receiving everyday on my blog.

I am also preparing a new section on my blog skin where you will be able to view the tutorials by category. Smile

I got a lot of emails in the last month about the Prism Tutorial project, about the future of Entity Framework and also about an easy way for searching articles on my blog. Stay tuned guys, I am really working hard on it and you will have a nice surprise soon!

I want just to share with a preview of the amazing layout I came out for my new blog skin:



This is the final skin, in few days it will be ready for SubText.


Book Review: Architecting application for the enterprise.

Good morning everybody, first of all I want to apologize for my absence in December. I am really sorry but I was ‘trying’ to deliver a component in my office and I was so busy and tired that I didn’t have time for the blog.

Let’s start this ‘holiday’ posts with an interesting review of a software architecture book written by two friends of mine: Andrea Salatarello and Dino Esposito.


The title is: Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise (PRO-Developer) (Paperback) available at for 29.69 USD.

Chapters and sections.

The book is divided in 2 main sections: Principles and Design of the system.
The principles section talks about the architect and the architectures in software development. The design of the system talks about how the application should be architected and developed.

The first part has these chapters:

  • Architects and architecture today
  • UML essentials
  • Design principles and patterns

And the second one has the following:

  • The business layer
  • The service layer
  • The Data access layer
  • The presentation layer

Description and overall.

This is the description provided on the back of the book and I completely agree with it.

“Make the right architectural decision up front – and improve the quality and reliability of your results. … you will learn how to apply the patterns and the techniques that help control project complexity …”

I am 100% satisfy of this book as I already use these patterns and approaches  explained in depth in the book.

It’s a must to have for senior developers and software architects. You can’t miss it!!
First of all, this is the first book I have read where is explained in depth what is a Software Architect and why his role it’s fundamental in the development of a complex application. Second, it explains in depth the different approaches you may use for the various layer of an application, starting from the DBMS ending with the UI.

I wish any developer that works or will work with me, will read this book as it gives you a complete overview on how an application should be developed and when a particular layer should or should not be used.

There is also a complete open source project (NSK) on codeplex where you can see all the patterns and methodologies explained in this book. Of course, opening the Visual Studio solution and try to understand everything is not easy as it is using this awesome book.

I am really satisfy and happy! Thanks Andrea and Dino for your effort!


Book review: Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0

A dear friend of mine, Simone Chiaretta, ASP.NET MVP wrote an interesting book about ASP.NET MVC in collaboration with Keyvan Nayyeri.


The book is Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0, edited by Wrox, available on at this address for the price of 31.49 USD.

I am going to write a review of this book because, first of all, I know Simone and his professionalism. Second, because I am working now on an ASP.NET MVC project in my company, and this book was really helpful for me, so I am pretty sure that it will be the same for you guys.

Summary and structure of the book.

The book has 19 chapters plus a couple of appendixes. Each chapter covers a specific argument. At the end of each chapter there is always a section for the exercises and a summary section. The first thing you will like about this book is the huge amount of sample code!

At the end of the book there is the appendix B that contains all the solutions related to each exercise, so you won’t get lost.

The appendix A has a lot of useful links that you can follow, resources, links, books and more.

Finally there is the index that is done for a “dev” reader. It’s not a normal index but an index divided by alphabetic order that includes also all those components and “code” that you will find in the book. So you will find, for example, the page that talks about “NHibernate”.

Case studies.

What I really liked about this book is the 2 case studies that you will find at the end. Simone has created these 2 case studies that will reflect 2 real solutions, one is a blog and the second one is … a surprise. I am not going to tell you everything because you must buy it. Wink

This is something really well done as you will apply all the knowledge you got through the book into 2 real solutions!


Of course I am not going to describe each chapter, but this is the list of chapters so you can understand why this book is so well done, IMHO:

  1. MVC pattern
  2. WebForm VS MVC
  3. Getting started
  4. The model
  5. The controller
  6. The view
  7. Routing
  8. Unite test concepts
  9. Testing ASP.NET MVC
  10. Components
  11. Action filters
  12. AJAX
  13. Deployment
  14. Leveraging ASP.NET WebForm futures
  15. Authentication and authorization
  16. Extend ASP.NET MVC
  17. Migrating from ASP.NET
  18. Case studies
  19. Resources
  20. Exercises solutions

Final Considerations.

I am a NET developer, most of time I develop Silverlight/WPF or WinForm applications. For fun I did a couple of ASP.NET MVC applications in the bank where I was working before, but my knowledge about ASP.NET MVC was relative to those projects.

Now that I got this book, I was able to read all the aspect of MVC pattern applied to ASP.NET and I feel comfortable to build a real application with this framework.

I did a real ASP.NET MVC application for the Company where I am working now, and I was able to do everything is less than 1 week, including the use of JQuery and AJAX.

I am really satisfied of this book and I hope that you will buy it as it is a very nice and well written book that will drive you inside this pretty cool framework.

Thanks Simone and Keyyvan for your effort!


Silverlight UserGroup Starter Kit

I have an exiting news today.

A couple of days ago, one of my friends David Silverlight asked me about a new project called Silverlight UserGroup Web Starter Kit. At the beginning I was afraid about the free time that I do not have but then I tough “this should be a good way to learn RIA services and EF in depth” …

So here we go. This is the codeplex address: and the project seems to be really cool, especially for the people that are going to work with me.

Oh boy, finally I can be part of a challenging project using Entity Framework, RIA services and C#.

Stay tuned!

Internet Explorer crashes with Sharepoint.

This is a known issue that I discovered this morning.


In my company we are using Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 with Windows 2008.
The clients have windows XP SP3 with Office 2003 SP3.
The browser is Internet Explorer 7.0.

Some clients have also Office 2007 or some part of it or some compatibility pack.

When they: open a document, edit a document, check-in, check-out, Internet Explorer crashes.


To solve the problem, Microsoft has realized a KB which must be downloaded here:

This solved my issue in the network.

Upgrade to SubText V 2.0.

This guide is made for who already has SubText installed and wants to upgrade to the latest release, the V 2.0.


First of all, starting from the version 1.9 subtext requires the ASP.NET 2.0 so be sure that your web server, or your hosting provider can give you the way to change the ASP.NET framework in IIS control panel.

You need a version of SQL Server.

Your blog user that access the Database MUST have temporally DBO permission in order to apply some changes to the Database.

First step, backup and upgrade new application.

First of all I suggest to you to backup your existing web site (SubText blog) and save the package locally in your computer or in a separate folder in your web site. In this way it should be very useful to rollback in case of failure.

Second step you should download from SubText web site the Version 2.0.

For a faster installation you should create into the wwwroot of your web server a new folder called subtext V 2.0 or something else and then redirect your domain to the new folder.

This is my situation on WH4L (Web Host for Life) web server:

New Picture

I have the wwwroot folder with two subtext package inside, the version 1.9.5 working and the new installation.

If your installation is an upgrade, download the appropriate package and delete the database file contained into the App_Data folder of the new package.

Merge Information.

Before start I suggest to verify everything like:

  1. Check your Host Admin panel located at http://yourblog.something/hostadmin and be sure to access in, otherwise you can run this query to reset your host admin password.
  2. Merge into the new web.config file the information from the old web.config of the previous configuration. Usually you should change information like: Database connection string, e-mail setting, Lightbox configuration and other third party configurations added previously to your blog. You can run a program like WinMerge very useful in this case. 
  3. Copy all the files you have customized into the new package. This include your image folder, it contains all the images of your old posts. Your video, example, personalized skin and other files you added after the installation of your previous package.

Upgrade the blog.

Now it’s time to go to your host panel and point the domain to the new folder. After do that it should be very easy to rollback to the previous version in case of failure.

If everything it’s done well, you should see this page:

if you are not logged in as an Administrator this is the page your users will see until you will finish the Upgrade process.


This is the page you will see if you are logged in as an administrator:


Issues with Web Host for Life.

My web host for life doesn’t recognize this tag in the web.config of the new package

    <add key=”.mp3″ value=”audio/mpeg”/>
    <add key=”.mp4″ value=”video/mp4″/>
    <add key=”.zip” value=”application/octetstream”/>
    <add key=”.pdf” value=”application/octetstream”/>
    <add key=”.wmv” value=”video/wmv”/>
    <add key=”.wma” value=”audio/wma”/>

Actually I have commented this section, I will let you know what to do.

Please Simone tell me what to do here. Thanks.

Beginning ASP.NET MVC, by Simone Chiaretta.

My friend Simone Chiaretta is writing his first book about Beginning ASP.NET MVC in collaboration with Keyvan.

The book will be targeted to the developers that are not really focused on the MVC framework. This framework is new in Microsoft and it is still in a Beta version but personally, I’m using it and I have used this framework for two web project and it’s awesome!!

You can find a detailed series of articles about ASP.NET MVC, written by Simone on DotNetSlackers. I suggest to everybody to read them.

If you wanna read more details about the book, the Publishing date and related stuff, you can go directly to Simone weblog and read his post about, or go to Keyvan weblog and read his post about.


SubText blog engine, version 2.0 is out.

SubText is an open source Blog engine written with the Microsoft NET framework. Actually my English blog and also my italian blog are working with this blog engine.

After one year is out the new version, 2.0.

You can find the download here.


Simone Chiaretta a good friend of mine is one of the Developer contributor of this project, and he has released a series of posts about the new future in his blog:

  1. Publish in the future
  2. JS and CSS performance optimization
  3. Enclosures

If there is someone like me that are still using subtext in the version 1.9.5 or less, you can find here a detailed article about the upgrade procedure.

Enjoy SubText.