Starting from 2013 I also deliver training services to private and companies. If you want to learn a specific topic such as: Software Architecture, ALM, Agile coding, SOA and more I can prepare for you a specific series of tutorial where we will analyse all the concepts of your interest.

At the moment I provide mentoring for the following topics:

Software Architecture, Design Patterns, Enterprise Architecture and SOA, Agile practices like: TDD, CI, SOLID, User story estimation and ROI

I can deliver the training in two different formats, you can have a Skype + GoToMeeting session with me or you can have an on site training. With the on site training we need to organize everything in advance as I have a quite busy schedule.

With both training you will receive: slides and tutorials, sample code and diagrams; plus you can have a set of check-points over your project where we will meet from time to time (usually once a month) and we will review together the status of your backlog and your progresses.

I am also official Trainer for Iasa Global ( and you can search for my training schedule on the Iasa Global website.

If you are interested just contact me at raffaeu[at]gmail[dot]com and we can have a chat and see what best solution will fit your needs. Or you can contact me directly over Skype here